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 Various Ayurvedic Treatment Packages Available

- Panchakarma Treatment
- Weight Loss Program
- Detox & Rejuvenation
- Beauty Care & Eye Care
- Remove Stress & Strain
- Hypertension Treatment
- Preventive & Regenerative
- Sinusitis & Migraine
- Ayurveda Training Courses
- Slip Disc Treatment
- Arthritis & Spondylitis
- Yoga Therapy Retreats
- Chronic Back Pain
- Post Pregnancy Health

- Tailor Made Retreats
- Treatment For Skin Diseases
- Treatment For Diabetes
- De-Addiction & Rehabilitation

Few of the famous Ayurvedic Treatment Pacakges

Panchakarma for Rejuvenation and Detoxification

What is Panchakarma?
Five major procedures to eliminate the toxins from the nearest orifice are popularly called Panchakarma. There are other important procedures also which are classified under this heading.

Why is Kerala Ayurveda different from Ayurveda from other places?
Kerala being the southernmost state of India, by God's grace, was not subjected to any major invasion. So the cultural strength of the state like dance, music, astrology or even Ayurveda is still intact. Even though the principles are the same, most of the practitioners in Kerala still use 100% herbal preparations while in other parts of the country, doctors use a lot of metals and minerals in their medicines.

What is Kerala Panchakarma?
Kerala Panchakarma is done in three steps.

1) Poorva karma or the preparatory stage.
Procedures which help all the toxins get accumulated at the nearest site of elimination.

2)Pradhana karma or the actual elimination procedure
Under this comes the actual Panchakarma procedure

3)Paschat karma post therapy care
Bringing the patient back into normal diet and lifestyle is the focus here.

All the above three are equally important. But in Kerala Panchakarma therapy, equal importance is given to the first and third step also. We believe that if proper accumulation of toxins are not done, the elimination procedure becomes namesake. Likewise, if importance is not given to after care, immunity of the person is affected.